5 Cool & Clever Ways to Reutilize Vegetable Waste

Fruits and vegetables are a precious gift from mother nature. Stop throwing useful fruits and vegetables peel off! Most people consider these peel off as waste but in reality, there are enormous ways to use them and get their benefits directly.

Let’s discuss some amazing ways to reduce your food waste and utilizing kitchen scraps in useful ways. Do you know that peel offs contain various nutrients as compared to the part that we cook and eat? Yes, this is true and it is time to harness that goodness.

Moreover, efficient utilization of entire fruits and vegetables is environment-friendly as well. Implement the following to reutilize the vegetable waste. 

1. Stop Entry Of Ants With Cucumber Peel 

If you are suffering from ant problem then cucumber peel will help. Take some cucumber peel and place it on the entry point of ants. You will observe that ants will stop entering your house. It is not a toxic and cost-efficient solution. For better results use bitter cucumber peel off. 

2. Get Rid Of Marks On Shower With Lemon Pulp 

Have you ever observed horrible marks of water and soap scum on your shower? It is difficult to get rid of these marks.

But not anymore! Lemon is the perfect solution to remove these marks  After cutting in squeezing lemon do not throw it directly into your dustbins.

Use the remaining parts to clean bathroom your bathroom faucets and shower. Sprinkle some salt on the used lemon part and scrub your shower door and other panels with it. Finally, rinse it with clean water. 

3. Prepare Orange Peel Tea 

Orange and its peel-off are full of beneficial substances. You should take advantage of this vitamin-rich fruit.  It is juicy, pulpy and delicious! Usually, people throw away orange peel but you can use it amazingly.

Dry orange peel offs and then use them to prepare its tea. Orange peels loaded with pectin and fiber that helps in maintaining sugar level in pour blood. Diabetic patients have to take care of themselves and should live a healthy lifestyle.

They should also use ergonomic seating chairs and Comfortable total chair cushion as well. This will provide both support and comfort when sitting for long periods. 

4. Remove Dark Circles With Potato Peel  

Potatoes are a rich source of enzymes and vitamin C as well. Thus, potato is good for the delicate skin around your eyes. Potatoes are also comprised of catecholase enzymes and this help in lightening your skin tone.

If you are suffering from the dark and puffy eye the rub potato peels for some relief. Before placing potato peel over your eyes, place them inside the refrigerator.

Once they are properly chilled out then you can apply them gently on the skin around the eye.  Place them over your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes for fresh eyes.  

5. Cook Your Vegetable Scraps

Herbs and roots can be best used in stalks for better health benefits. Wash your vegetables before peeling them, collect the peel off in a big bowl, chop it and then put it inside the refrigerator. Also, collect some roots, stalks, and leaves as well.

Chop them into small pieces and put them into the same bowl. Repeat the process until you have collected approximately 4 cups. Finally, chop some onions, carrots, and celery and mix it with other vegetable scraps. Then put it inside a big pot, pour some water, turn On your cooktop and cook them for an hour.

Freeze the solution into an ice tray and later on use that cubes whenever you need them. We can also reutilize the leftover food in preparing curries, vinegar, puddings, pestos and much more.

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