7 Effective Ways to Get Soft and Smooth Hair

Today we will tell you how to soften hairs naturally at home and these hair softening tips will help you get soft and shiny hairs because these home remedies are proven to soften hair naturally.

When you see a shiny, soft, and silky hair of actresses, a thought might have come to your mind that why can’t we get the same kind of hairs. Ya, this is a feeling that comes in every girl’s mind. Not only girls but boys also feel the same when they see shiny hairs of an actor.

But the thing is that the celebs have highly paid hair stylist who takes care of their hair and not everyone can afford it. What you all can do is take simple care of your hair so that your hairs can be soft and smooth.

How to Soften Hair Naturally

There are plenty of experiments which you can do at home to keep your hairs soft. Some of these experiments are discussed below, have a look at it and try them, you will definitely feel the positive change in your hair.

Let’s discuss some amazing tips on how soften the hair at home

#1. Wash Your Hair with Cold Water

Wash Your Hair with Cold Water

The hair softening tip is to wash your hair it will seal the upper layer of your hair shaft and will make your hair smooth and shiny. If you use cold water sometimes and sometimes you use hot water, it will damage your hair cuticles and your hair will look frizzy.

Also, don;t bend and wash your hair either use shower or keep a bucket full of cold water and wash your hair with the help of jug. Firstly, shampoo your hair and then do the conditioning. You will notice some changes in your hair.

#2. Use Aloe Vera Gel

Do you know that aloe vera is a powerhouse to 75 nutrients? For hair growth it has enzymes in it which helps to keep your hair healthy as well as it will help you to regain the softness and shine of your hair. Aloe vera is proven to soften the hair because Keratin and aloe vera share same chemical composition which means aloe vera contain the protein which helps your hair to grow up. This is the reason why the gel easily penetrates the hair and give the hair complete moisture.

Leave the aloe vera gel on your hair for about 30 minutes. If you want you can keep it for longer hours but don’t keep it less than 30 minutes, then wash your hair with your regular shampoo.

#3. Use Eggs

Egg mask is an amazing hair softening tip to get rid from dry hairs. You might have heard from many people that eggs are so beneficial for your hair, you must apply it once, you will feel the change and all such things. But you never tried the egg pack for your hair (whatever the reason may be). Then let me make you aware that this egg pack trick actually works. If your hairs are dry and you want that your hair should be back to normal or even better then you must try egg pack for your hair.

You just wear gloves if you have a problem with eggs. Now, take 2 eggs and then mix one spoon honey along with one spoon olive oil. Beat the mixture thoroughly and apply it on your hair, leave it for 45 minutes and then wash it off with your regular shampoo.

#4. Vinegar Rinse

Vinegar Rinse

From a very long time apple cider vinegar is used for natural hair rise. Our hair has a pH of 5.5 and the shampoo we use has strong alkaline. Apple cider vinegar helps in maintaining the pH balance of our scalp which is messed up because of excessive use of products that you use on your hair. When you rinse your hair with vinegar it will close your hair cuticles and will make your hair smooth, soft and shiny naturally.

#5. Trim your hair

Trim your hair

If you want to maintain the quality of your hair and want to soften hair then you must know that trimming your hairs are equally important. You might have noticed that when there are split ends in your hair they look so rough and weird but as soon as you take a haircut your hair become favorite part. So it is very important that you do trim your hair as soon as you notice split ends.

This will not only increase your hair growth but will also make your hair soft and shiny.

#6. Use Banana

Use Banana

Banana is the best treatment to soften hairs  Banana for hairs may sound weird but trust me this is way useful for softening your hair naturally. You just have to mash one banana and add two spoons of yogurt in it, mix thoroughly. Now apply this combo on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes, rinse it off. Hola! Your hair is already smooth and moisturized.

You can do this process once a month and repeat, so that you can see the changes. If you will apply it for only one or two times there are chances you won’t notice result, as this process takes time.

#7. Comb with Care

Comb with Care

If you comb your hair when they are wet then stop doing it immediately as it will only create damage and breakage for you, will also create frizz in your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb for your hair, start detangling from end. Be careful while combing your hair.

Hope the above information has solved your hair problems and queries like how to soften hair naturally at home. These effective ways were to make your hair smooth and soft. You should avoid using hair products that contain harmful chemicals in it and use natural ways to solve your hair problems.

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