How to choose the best sexologist?

A sexologist is an expert in human sexuality and holds skills and knowledge. Sexologists study feelings, sexual behaviors, and interactions and help them in recovering the issues they are facing in their sexual life. The main aim of a sexologist is to improve the sexual experience of people.

What is a sexologist?

A professional who studies human sexuality and sexual health is called a sexologist. Sexology is a scientific field. Sexologist helps you to overcome your problems and symptoms, and a sexologist is an expert in dealing with sexual issues through his training.

What is a sexual problem?

When a couple or individual doesn’t experience the satisfaction from the sexual activity during any phase of the sexual response cycle is called a sexual problem or sexual dysfunction. The four stages of the sexual response cycle are excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.

More than 21.15% of Indian males are suffering from some sexual problems. Out of the men with erectile dysfunction are 15.77%, 2.56% have male hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), and 8.76% are diagnosed with premature ejaculation.

Types of sexual problems

There are many types of sexual issues. Some of them are:

  • Nightfall
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Sexual desire disorder
  • Sexual pain disorders
  • Post orgasm disorders
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Uncommon sexual disorders in men
  • Sexual arousal disorders
  • Orgasm disorders
  • Sexual pain disorders

Sexual problems are treatable if timely treated. Sexual problems can get worse if you don’t get treatment on time. Sexual problems can create issues in your love life, your relationship, and reduce your overall confidence. You should consult the best sexologist for the treatment.

If you are from Jaipur or nearby places and want services of the best sexologist of Jaipur, then you must visit doctor Sanjay Jain. He is the best sexologist of Jaipur with an experience of more than 14 years as a sexologist.

Symptoms of sexual problems

Some of the signs of sexual problems are:

  • When you have lack of sexual desire, sexual fantasies, reduced interest in sexual contact
  • When you cannot maintain an erection
  • When you are unable to have sufficient erection for sexual penetration
  • When you are unable to reach an orgasm
  • When you can achieve orgasm only during masturbation or during oral sex
  • When you are unable to control the orgasm and ejaculation, and it occurs early during sexual intercourse, leaving the other partner unsatisfied.
  • Bloody ejaculation (this can be scary but usually is not serious)

No one should neglect the symptoms of sexual problems as they can get worse from time to time if not get treatment on time. If you are looking for a sexologist in Jaipur, then you must visit the best sexologist of Jaipur doctor Sanjay Jain. He provides the best treatment for sexual problems in Jaipur. He has been working as a sexologist for the past 14 years.

He provides treatment of all types of sexual problems like nightfall, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. he is an experienced sexologist.

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Sexual problems treatment

Sexual problems can be treated in many ways. Sexologist chooses the treatment according to the issues. Sometimes they use a single type of treatment, and sometimes they use two or more in combination. Some of the treatment are:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Sex therapy
  • Mechanical aids
  • Medications
  • Education and communication
  • Behavioral treatments

How to choose the best sexologist

Sexual problems are common nowadays. Sexual problems are treatable. You should see a sexologist if you face any sexual problem because sexual problems get worse from time to time. How to choose the best sexologist for treatment:

  • Privacy of patient
  • Using modern technologies
  • Should be experienced
  • Should be qualified
  • Provides treatment at a reasonable rate
  • Patients review of sexologist

 Why choose Sanjay Jain

Whenever people think of going to a sexologist, the first thing that comes to their mind is privacy. The privacy of your personal information is the most important thing for everyone. Many times people hesitate while talking about their sexual problems.

  • If you want the services of a sexologist in Jaipur, then you must visit sexologist Sanjay Jain as he is the best sexologist of Jaipur. The best thing about Sanjay Jain is that his main aim is to keep the information private so that they can talk to him without any hesitation.
  • He is a very experienced sexologist of Jaipur with a total experience of more than 14 years.
  • He is a qualified rater for various psychiatric disorders.
  • Sexologist Sanjay Jain uses the latest technologies for the treatment.
  • He provides treatment at a reasonable rate so that everyone
  • Patients reviews are the best way to find the best sexologist. On google, Sanjay Jain has 4.9 ratings with 209 reviews.

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