How Many Orthodontist Education Years Will You Need In This Field?

Dental medicine is surely a rewarding career path, one that can give you the best return on investment and boost your reputation. If you are passionate about this field, then helping others and serving them to get healthy teeth should be your main concern. For this, considering a career path as an orthodontist could be exciting, and a worthwhile investment.

The role of orthodontists is to help their patients with dental alignment problems. They correct bites, teeth alignment, as well as facial development. When you invest time in orthodontist education years, spend time in schooling, this will reward you with the best career, a good salary package and help you by providing a good financial future for you and your family.

The Job Description of an Orthodontist

In an office, the role or job description of an orthodontist is to meet with their patients and assess their dental health.

They have to take complete medical histories, evaluate the condition, and determine a suitable treatment plan to correct the alignment of their bite and teeth issues.

They take thorough diagnostic tests, including dental impressions and x-rays to help design the best custom plans of treatment for their patients. They learn how to educate their patients on the best braces care, spacers care, retainers, block appliances as well as other appliances and devices.

As an orthodontist, you will also have to administer numbing medication for various orthodontic procedures and prescribe suitable medications, which are necessary for aftercare. An orthodontist also works with other dentists, hygienists and other professionals on how to serve their patients.

Orthodontist Education Years Requirements

A dentist has to complete a bachelor’s degree first. This will include having some science courses, and then they have to complete at least four years of dental school, along with a state licensing exam.

To qualify and become an orthodontist, you will have to complete an additional two years in residency, then take some written exams to achieve certifications from top boards like the American Board of Orthodontics. This can take about ten to twelve years from the start to finish. However, it doesn’t just end there.

According to Jennifer Kurtz (an orthodontist and KratomGuides founder), you will need to enroll in educational seminars like Gerety Orthodontic and continuing education courses to keep up with the latest changes in the field.

Every year, dentists make enough money, about $200,000 annually. This means that others may also earn more than this, and others could earn less. However, prospects generally earn more and lead a good practice. However, the salary scale can increase depending on years of experience.

Usually, they work in dental health offices. It could be a private setup or part of a larger practice. Some offices consist of many orthodontists, while others comprise of a mixture of specialists and general dentists. A dental office could be in a medical complex, a business park, or a single building. The working hours are often the standard business hours, and many avail patients can avail full benefits.

Orthodontists get a good job opportunity, and their salary may increase by about seventeen percent in the next decade. This is more when you compare it to other industries. Since this field continues to grow, and dental services expand, orthodontists can get a better opportunity and establish a good client base and practice.

Will Orthodontic Continuing Education Help Your Practice?

Orthodontic continuing education will help you progress in your practice, and here are the notable benefits you can avail:

Learn the Latest Treatment Techniques

Through the right courses, you will be able to use the latest preventative, diagnostic options in the industry and come up with a suitable treatment plan. This will give you a benefit, where you can tackle a wider range of oral health problems. You will equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills to help your patients. This way, your reputation will also be great, and you will be able to attract more patients.

Learn About Dental Appliances

This will also open the path for you to better career options. You can specialize in this field, or add it into your general practice. Furthermore, you will be able to learn more about other appliances, like dental braces. Aligners and more. You can advance in your career and enhance your practice.

A Better Reputation

Since you will be well equipped with treating various other cases, your patients will know you for the services you offer. This will enhance your reputation at the same time, and attract more patients to you. They will trust you as a reliable dentist, one who can tackle any orthodontic problem they encounter.

The Bottom Line

The path to becoming an orthodontist may be a challenging one, but know that all the orthodontist education years you invest will be worth your time and efforts. You just need to dedicate your time to it, upgrade skills through continuing education and keep up with the changes in the industry.

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