How to keep fasts to lose weight?

Among some of the most effective and natural ways to lose weight, intermittent fasting takes the top position. Intermittent fasting has now become one of the most popular fitness trends. Fasting involves eating after short term intervals. When you fast, you consume a lesser number of calories than you normally do. Fasting also helps you regulate some of those hormones that control your weight. Today we are going to discuss how fasting aids your weight loss and speed up the entire process. So, continue reading. 

Here’s how fasting can help you lose weight:

1. Hormonal regulation: 

Experts have observed changes in the levels of the following hormones when you fast: 


The level of insulin in your blood increases after consuming a meal. When a person fasts, the level of insulin drastically decreases. When the level of insulin is lower in your blood, the fat in your body starts to burn. 

Human growth hormone (HGH): 

When you fast, the levels of your HGH hormone skyrocket. The level of this hormone increases by 5 folds as you fast. Since the HGH hormone is associated with weight loss and muscle gain, the high levels of this hormone result in rapid fat burning. 

Norepinephrine (noradrenaline):

Norepinephrine is one of those hormones that the brain sends to the fat cells to convert body fat into free fatty acids. Once the body fat is broken down into fatty acids, it can be burned by the body when it needs energy. 

2. Burns calories:

You must have heard about weight loss or slimming coffee and how it can help you burn calories. There’s not a lot of evidence but there’s evidence for fasting. Fasting is a proven way to restrict your calorie intake, that too without consciously trying. The reduction in your calorie intake mediates your weight loss. According to various studies, fasting results in losing fat, weight and improvement in your overall health. It also improves your metabolic health and helps you prevent chronic diseases. 

Fasting can also expands your lifespan by regulating your blood pressure and cholesterol level. 

3. Hold on to muscle while losing weight: 

Weight loss diets also cause you to lose your muscles. More than 18% of the fat is lost from the muscles if a low-calorie diet with a low level of protein is consumed. However, several studies show that fasting allows you to hold on to your muscles as your body loses fat. 

Research shows that fasting caused the same amount of weight loss as calorie reduction. However, it caused a much lesser loss of muscle mass. 

4. Healthy Eating made Simpler: 

Fasting is the simplest way of losing weight. When you fast, you don’t consume three or more meals a day. you get to eat only two times. This makes it a lot easier for you to step towards a healthy lifestyle. When you decide to fast, make sure to plan a diet you can stick to in the long run. When you get used to consuming two healthy meals a day, it gets easier for you to maintain your weight. Moreover, it has various long-term health benefits. 

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How to fast to lose weight: 

Following are the ways you need to fast to lose weight: 

Consume quality food: 

Since you will be consuming two meals a day, you need to plan a diet that meets all your nutritional requirements. Try to add more single ingredients and whole foods to your diet. 

Fulfill your body’s calorie requirement: 

Calories are required for the proper functioning of your body. Therefore, try to eat normally during your non-fasting period. However, don’t consume more than what your body requires. 

Stay consistent:

Consistency matters a lot if you want to lose weight. Therefore, whatever the healthy eating habits you form while fasting, try to stick to them to maintain your body weight. 

Stay patient:  

You won’t lose weight overnight as you fast. Don’t be impatient as it will make the entire process very exhausting for you. Stay consistent with your meal schedule and you will start to see the results after some time. 

If you want to lose weight without losing your muscle, fasting is the best and the healthiest solution for you. It not only regulates your hormones but also restricts your calorie consumption. when your body gets used to consuming two meals instead of three, you start to observe the desired results.


Intermittent fasting is better than using aggressive measures like surgery or injection to lose weight. It doesn’t cost much and it doesn’t have a lot of side effects. However, you should still consult your physician before starting to fast for losing weight. Make sure that you are eating healthy food and drinks when you are not fasting, to make sure your energy levels are high throughout the day.

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