How to take care of dental hygiene to avoid overall health

We all know that poor dental care can invite cavities. But do you know that poor health care can lead to serious health issues?  Yes, gum disease can lead to serious health issues like heart attack, stroke, poorly controlled diabetes. Many people don’t like to take care of their teeth, which is a fatal blunder. They suffer from bad gum health and make themselves vulnerable to many serious health issues.

Thus, you should take care of your teeth, no matter what is your age.

Healthy teeth and gums can help you enjoy food and good health. You have to take care of your mouth’s health. If you don’t take care of your teeth, you will get several oral health issues. After that, you will face health issues.

Here are some steps that are symptoms of bad mouth health:

Tooth decay

Due to irregular brushing and flossing, plaque buildup produces acid, which can damage the enamel of your teeth. If you don’t start taking precautions, you will get cavities and decayed teeth.

To avoid tooth decay, you should brush your teeth twice daily. If your tooth decay has increased, you need to brush your teeth even after taking lunch. Carry a toothbrush and toothpaste at your work.

Make sure your toothpaste has fluoride.

If you are at a higher risk of the cavity, you have to visit your dentist for medications and cleaning procedure. Remember, many efficient dental clinics are now open all over the world. You can even get advanced level dental treatment in New Town Dental Clinic in Kolkata.

Bad gum health

If you still don’t cure your plaque, then you will start getting gum problems. The plaque builds up under your gum line and creates pockets. These pockets hold food particles and create germs. You will get tender gum. Your gums can bleed while brushing as well. This stage is known as gingivitis. The more serious form of gum issue is called periodontitis. This disease ruins your gum bones and other tissue that holds teeth. You will get moving and weak teeth.

You may have to remove the teeth.

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To cure this problem, you need to get dental cleaning as per dentist guidelines. If the condition is serious, then the dentist can suggest surgery.
Halitosis (bad breath)

Untreated gingivitis or periodontitis can lead to halitosis.  Following good dental care routine and seeking dental cleaning can cure halitosis. However, you have to make some lifestyle changes to avoid bad breath or halitosis.

How can you maintain good oral health?

Poor mouth health can lead to dry mouth, throat problems, and oral cancer. Thus, you have to take the initiative to maintain your oral health as soon as possible.

Brush properly

Only brushing for 2 minutes and twice or thrice a day is not enough to stay away from tooth decay.  You should properly brush your teeth.

As per doctor’s recommendations:

  1. You need to brush gently on all sides.
  2. Pick a soft bristle brush.
  3. Pick a small-headed brush so that you can brush each corner or your teeth.
  4. Clean your gum line.
  5. Clean your tongue.
  6. Clean your teeth by flossing and removing plaque.
  7. If you can’t hold the brush handle properly, then go for an electric brush.

Get dentures

Don’t keep fully or partially damaged teeth for a long time. It can create havoc in your health. Get dentures (false teeth) to avoid further tooth decay. However, you need to visit a good dentist for a proper denture fit. Keep your dentures clean and follow the doctor’s instructions.

Avoid tobacco

To maintain mouth health, you need to avoid tobacco products. It causes gum diseases and bad breath.

Drink water

To keep your mouth healthy, you need to drink more water. It will help you yo avoid dry mouth and make your teeth and gums clean.

Use mouthwash

Only brushing teeth is not enough, to minimize plaque build-up, you have to gargle with a good mouthwash.

Avoid sugary and acidic food items

Food with lots of sugar should be avoided when it comes to maintaining oral health. You should also avoid acidic foods to avoid losing tooth enamel.

Consult a dentist regularly

Don’t forget to visit your dentist from time to time. It will help you to maintain your mouth health properly. You may have to visit your dentist twice a year for dental checkups. The dentist will properly guide you to keep your mouth free from disease.

Lastly, dental treatment is indeed costly. But, that doesn’t mean you can avoid taking care of your mouth healthy. Now, dental insurance is available. You can opt for dental insurance so that you don’t have to lose a big amount of money behind treatments like dentures or root canal.

Remember, your mouth healthy is the gateway to your overall health. So, you need to take good care of your mouth healthy.

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Valentina Alison is a Freelance Writer from California.

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