Why Practicing Pranayama in Yoga Is Important?


Do you know pranayama, which is a form of breathing is very important in yoga and has been practicing for years now? Does it really matter and best for our health and wellness? This is a breathing exercise, but not the simplest one, requires few or more tactics, that is why it is known for the scientific breathing process.

Pranayama always works the best as it helps in connecting link between physical and mental yogic practices, which we attain via different asanas and meditation. Join Yoga training in Rishikesh and you’ll get to know everything about the importance of Pranayam in Yoga.

Pranayama is made up of two words that are “pra” and “an” which belongs to creating new meaning life that fills with the breath. Pranayama is all about to control of Breath and “Prana” is called the breath or bioenergy in the body, which helps us to live life longer.

As we all know how important breathing is for our life and due to the same we get “oxygen” inside the body and to other organs. We may survive for a few days or weeks or months without having food or water, but can’t survive without breathing. We can’t hold our breath for a longer period of time, however, it is very important more than anything else.

When we understand the right breathing technique via pranayama, this can create a huge impact on our thoughts and actions. Yes, our mood and thought process affects our breathing system, for instance- if you are happy our breathing is rhythmic and when we are in anger or anxious, your breathing will go rapidly and it will be irregular.

Pranayama exercise helps us to become a master of the art of breathing, where we will learn self-healing and this way we will able to control our emotions, think positive and live life with simplicity. There are amazing benefits of Pranayama we must know as follows-

Increase and improve life

As by the word “Pranayama”, it is all about our life as breathing is life and when we become the master of breathing, it will automatically help in increasing and improving the life of us. You must know that longevity of life depends on the breathing rate only and if your breathing rate is lower, it can boost our life. With the regular practicing of yoga, we learn how to reduce the breathing rate, which helps in reducing the wear and tear of your internal organs. It is scientifically proven and very effective.

Best for a healthy body

Pranayama is good for health as when we learn to breathe exercise it helps in relaxing the body’s nerves and tensions, control our blood pressure, best for our internal organs and more. It also helps in curing asthma, headache, migraine issues, and even gastric problems. Also, it can be considered for improving the blood circulation rate as well as the function of reproductive organs.

Balance energy and stabilize moods

When you are upset, suffering from mood swings, or in depression, Pranayama helps in controlling the moods and give complete peace of mind. It helps in releasing stress and depression and will charge you completely to start your day with a fresh mood. Also, it has been seen as the best process to control anger and avoid thinking negative thoughts, hence a pleasurable life can be expected.

Best for a healthy heart

As breathing helps in balancing the mood and make our body healthy, this helps our heart to function very well. As our heart beats around one-hundred times daily and it pumps blood nonstop. With the Pranayama, one can get enough oxygen in the blood means more oxygen to be found in the heart’s muscle, hence it indicates a healthy heart.

Overall, Pranayama is the best for everything, whether it is all about mental health, to increase life, it brings stillness and calmness to the mind, increased concentration and better life. 

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