Exercises to Lose Weight in a Week at Home

Doing exercises to lose weight is usually annoying, so it is necessary to look for the preferred exercise for each person. When you decide which exercise you like most, you will see how little by little you will lose weight, while you enjoy that routine.

Aerobic exercises are those that need oxygen for their performance. That is why it is so important to practice aerobic exercises to lose weight. You can also take into account these excellent exercises that are done at home and that in a week you could see a bit of the change.

Bicycle (stationary or outdoors)

 This is another very good exercise to burn fat, apart it helps strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks, in addition to improving cardiovascular endurance.

If you decide to bike outdoors, it is advisable to do the exercise of low / medium intensity for a long time, to avoid accidents caused by going very fast.

On the other hand, if you prefer the stationary bicycle, you can decide for the exercise of high intensity and short duration which will allow you to do an effective and intense exercise that will increase your endurance and physical condition, and that will help to burn fat by dedicating less time to exercise.


 The jumps are excellent aerobic exercises that you can do at home. Do 4 or 5 sets of 20 jumps, or as needed. Tip: if you live in an apartment or stay in a second floor bedroom, try to be considerate of your neighbors and try to go outside or try to do them in the first floor room.


 Lie on the floor in front of a chair and raise your legs up to your knees and try to climb towards them with your hands crossed at the nape of your neck. We will do 4 sets of 25 repetitions each.

Lying on your back with your legs at a right angle, we will lift one leg over the other, placing your foot on the knee of the other and we will take the body to the side at the foot that is above the knee. We will do 4 sets of 25 repetitions.

Strength training

 It is important to lose weight with some good diet plans since the target areas are different from cardio exercises. At least half an hour of strength training for three days a week, will contribute to a good routine of calorie burning exercises and toning of muscles.

Exercises for thin hips

Exercise # 1 Lie on the floor on your side and keep your legs straight. Lift the leg and alternate a period of up and down at least 20 times. Switch sideways and repeat with the other leg.

Exercise # 2 Stand with your hands on your hips, turn your torso to the right and left for 10 minutes.

Extra super effective exercises


When we talk about cardiovascular exercises, we talk about exercises that are the most ideal so you can lose weight quickly, because these exercises are really my favorites and in fact it will help you a lot. You have to do push-ups, polichinelas, some frogs, anyway, keep in mind that you have to do these exercises, leaving time between one exercise and another.


Another of the exercises that is certainly very good and that you have to consider is that squats are really one of my favorite exercises and their effectiveness is very good. To do this exercise it is very easy, you have to stand up and then open your legs at shoulder height, extend your arms to the front and lower slowly in such a way that you do as if you were sitting down.


The push-ups are other of the exercises that are really important so that you can lose weight, to do this exercise you have to be in a ventral cube, and then with the arms you will have to flex them in such a way that you get up from the ground, from the same way, stand with the tips of your feet. You must flex your arms trying to get the chest to the ground and try to raise your arms again, in such a way that they become straight.

Leave To Run Or Do Walks:

We know that when you run, in fact, it is essential that you run for at least about 15 minutes daily, in the same way at the time of walking because you can do it about 30 minutes daily. No doubt it is one exercise that will help you lose weight.

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