Metabolism Issues: 5 Tips to Improve the Way You “Go”

Metabolism points out to all the chemical processes and/or reactions happening in your body. The faster your metabolism, the greater the calories to burn and much easier for you to lose weight. 

As you age, your metabolic rate slows down which causes you to gain weight faster. It will also be harder for you to trim down your fats since your metabolic rate isn’t as good as it was when you were younger – the poorer your metabolism gets, the more it affects the way “go”. 

But don’t worry because there are still helpful ways you can do to prevent your metabolic rate to drop. The list below shows the tricks you might want to know to boost the way you “go”. So, search no further and keep reading!

1. Stay full and bid goodbye to your cravings by eating protein-enriched foods and drinks

When you’re eating, you’re helping your metabolism to increase but only for a few hours. And that’s the so-called thermic effect of food or the TEF. This is due to the extra calories needed to absorb, digest, and process the nutrients every after your meal. 

But you can still boost your metabolic rate more by eating lots of protein-enriched foods and/or drinks. Protein-enriched foods and drinks help you feel more full for a longer time and highly prevent you from overeating. 

Taking in lots of protein can increase your metabolic rate by up to 15-30%. If you mind following this tip, you’ll be able to save your metabolism from slowing down that will result in an effective weight loss.

2. Engaged yourself in an intense workout; exercise with weights

If you want to develop your metabolism as you age, you better get your body moving and start sweating. But if you’re already on an active lifestyle, congratulate yourself because you just need to add some intensity on your workout sessions; you can do this by lifting weights or heavy things. 

Engaging yourself to heavy or cardio workouts aids in burning more fats due to an enhanced metabolic rate. Good thing because there are existing gym machines or proper workout equipment you can use in the gym in leveling up your exercise. 

Finding the best gym equipment for a cardio workout will help you succeed in intensifying your fitness routine. If you’re working out from home, you can look for and purchase the best home exercise equipment to stay right on track.  

3. Have a good dose of water daily 

good metabolism

If you think that solutions in maintaining or attaining a good metabolism will cost you a juggling act, you’re absolutely wrong. The truth is, you can even boost your metabolic rate by just having a good dose of water daily.

Tons of studies prove how water aids in burning lots of calories in your body – this is the so-called water-induced thermogenesis. 

Aside from that, good water consumption also helps in a more efficient weight loss and is also helpful for your waistline! So, what more can you ask for?

4. Don’t be a night owl: sustain yourself with enough amount of sleep

If you’ve been torturing yourself by sleeping late in the evening, you better not wonder if you’re gaining weight, and feeling unhealthy. A poor sleeping habit is a lot harmful to your general health and may also badly affect the way you “go”.

If you’ll stick with this habit, it will cause a domino effect on your overall health. It’s because irregular sleeping habit causes your metabolic rate to drop and may also lead to obesity.     

So, to help in developing the way you “go”, practice sleeping as early as 8 in the evening to get a good amount of sleep.

5. Go get yourself a cup of green tea

enhance metabolism

If you’ve been noticing that your metabolism is slowing down, you can get yourself a cup of tea to help increase your metabolic rate. Green tea is proven to enhance metabolism by 4-5%. 

It can also boost the burning fats by 10-17% as it turns the stuck fats in your body into free fatty acids. With that, drinking green teas or any other sort of teas may help you in either maintaining your weight or trimming down the stored fats. 

So, what you’ve read are merely some of the best tips to improve the way you “go” that mostly concludes of shifting into a better and healthier lifestyle.

Don’t think twice to apply it in your daily life and see better and healthier results in no time! And, if you got additional suggestions, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

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