Most Popular Weight Loss Supplements, Truthful Review By Client

Choosing the right weight loss supplement can be quite difficult with so many on the market. The easiest way to decide is conducting research on your own or reading honest reviews that are based on available facts. This review will provide some of the most well-known facts about three of the most popular supplements: Lipozene, Burn XT, and Alli.


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Lipozene is a dietary supplement whose only active ingredient is extracted from the Asian konjac plant. The ingredient is Glucomannan, a dietary fiber that is capable of absorbing large amounts of water and turning it into gel when it reaches the stomach. The gel formed by the fiber in the Lipozene makes the stomach feel full, thus allowing the user to consume fewer calories and remain full longer. 


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Alli is actually a pharmaceutical rather than a supplement. The active ingredient is orlistat, an ingredient that helps with the weight loss process by reducing how much dietary fat an individual’s intestines absorb. It accomplishes this by blocking lipase, an enzyme in the digestive tract that breaks the fat into smaller portions for the body to use or store. Orlistat prevents approximately 25-30 percent of the fat from breaking down; it is then eliminated through the bowels.

Burn XT

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Burn XT is marketed as a thermogenic fat burning supplement. It works by boosting the energy and continually burning calories. The maker boasts the ingredients are comprised of known fat-burning ingredients that include Capsimax.

Do Any of the Supplements Work?

While each person’s body is different, any of these products could help you lose weight if you follow the directions, reduce your caloric content, and exercise. Unfortunately, in the case of Lipozene and Alli the results may be short-term, and some people may experience side effects—more so with Alli than Lipozene since it is a fiber supplement rather than a drug. However, the Burn XT lacks green tea and Glucomannan and is heavy on caffeine—probably the reason anxiety and shaking are listed as side effects. 


Do not take any of these supplements without conducting your own research. If you have any health issues, you may want to consult with your doctor before taking any, especially because of the heavy caffeine content in Burn XT (especially those who are heavy coffee drinkers). None of these products will provide lasting results unless you make lifestyle changes both while you are trying to lose weight and afterward. You must learn to exercise and eat a healthy diet to maintain your weight loss.

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