Guide for Parents by the Best Pediatric Dentist about Baby Teeth

Are you parenting for the very first time and have no idea how to take care of your child? Despite watching many videos and going on various sessions you still are confused, especially when it comes to caring for the teeth. Baby teeth are extremely sensitive and should be well taken care of through proper attention and care.

But there is no need to be worried as the Best Pediatric Dentist provides guidelines on taking good care of your baby’s teeth. As a parent, it is a joyful moment when you see the very first sign of teeth in the mouth. But at the same time, it is crucial that you know what to do so that the teeth of your baby grow healthy.

What are the Types of Baby Teeth?

In order to do so, you must first know the types of teeth that your child will have. The baby teeth are total 20 in number. Many of your friends must have told you the exact time when the first teeth will erupt but it is not necessary that it happens that way. The timing is always different for every child as explained by an emergency dentist for kids. Even you will notice that the term of your second or third child is varied. But the types of teeth will be the same. Five types of set of teeth that are in all babies;

  1. First molars are 4.
  2. 4 total numbers of second molars.
  3. Cuspidor Canine teeth also have a quantity of 4.
  4. 4 are lateral incisions.
  5. Central incisors are 4 in number.

When Baby loses all the Teeth?

All the primary teeth appear when the child is two or two and a half years old. The age span can differ a little but the babies never lose the teeth. These teeth are very small in size but can’t lose by natural causes. When the child reaches the age of 12 years the teeth fall out to make spaces for the permanent teeth.

What is the Purpose of Baby Teeth?

The only purpose of these baby teeth is to bit the food; as you must have observed that the child bits on whatever thing that he/ she sees. But the chewing process comes later when the molars emerge at the age of 2 years.  

Guideline for Parents:

When have come to know about the types of baby teeth, the purpose and when finally they develop; it is important for the parents to know how to take care of the teeth as recommended by dentists at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa. If you will follow the below mentioned properly then the teeth of your teeth will be healthy and strong.

Know the Teeth Development Process:

The first thing to consider is to have knowledge of when and where the teeth will come out in the mouth. One thing to remember is the timing is different with all children as discussed earlier. But the usual age ranges from 6 months till 1 year. The first set of teeth is incisors to erupt; central incisors and lateral respectively. Then come the first molars, next the canines are the ones to spout and in the end, second molars come out.

6 Months Right Age for Fluoride:

If you are thinking of introducing fluoride in the routine of your child then it is crucial that you do it at the age of 6 months. There are fluoride solutions that can be dissolved in water and given the baby to drink. This will help the teeth to avert the decay of teeth by strengthening the enamel on the tooth.

Message the Gums for Teething Pain:

The process of having teeth is very painful for the child and the pediatric dentists don’t recommend any kind of pain killers or other medicines to relieve the pain. But there is a way to ease the agony and that is gently messaging the gums of the affected area. But don’t use any other device that has not been advised by the dentist.

Brushing Two Times Daily:

You can start developing the habit of brushing twice in a day when your child has the very first tooth. Use a soft bristle brush and toothpaste of the size of a pea and tenderly brush for a little while.

Consult the Best Pediatric Dentist:

It is suggested that when the baby has the first teeth you have to visit the Best Pediatric Dentist so that he/ she can understand the whole process from the beginning and can recommend various remedies for the parents.

Make a Track Chart:

You can also make a chart to keep a track of when the teeth of your baby erupt and at what time he/ she loses it. This will help you to predict the teeth coming of your other children.

Checking the Diet Intake:

Make sure that the food your child takes is healthy and according to the recommendation of the Best Pediatric Dentist. As parents, you will surely not give your baby any type of unhealthy food but children can take sugary food that can damage the teeth so be very careful about what the child intakes.

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