5 Ways to Raise Your Exercise Motivation

Take your exercise program as a journey-the journey to your fitness. You walk, faster, slower, get tired, relax, down in energy at times, feel less motivated or the path appears long, but you do not stop. You stay on the path and carry on.

The gym and fitness equipment are the tools and resources to assist you in your travel. So, however, you walk on the path that should not matter. What should matter the most is that you keep on walking no matter what, and whenever you feel down, you seek to find means and ways to raise your motivation and make the travel more interesting to you.

1. Communicate within

On the journey, you have to walk the path yourself. Many can show you the path, but no one can walk it for you. No one can also convince you more than you can convince yourself. All changes start within. Whenever you lack the motivation to exercise, no one can bring you out of that situation, but you. Tell this to yourself repeatedly. Urge yourself. Count on what you have achieved with so little effort, and ask yourself how much could you achieve with a little more determination.

Also, listen to yourself. The silence speaks a language that only self can listen to and understand. By listening to yourself, you will come to know yourself better. This leads you to theknowing:what and where it has gone wrong. 

2. Keep positive company

As the saying goes: “the man is known by the company he keeps”, while on the path of exercise you will meet many people. Some positives, other negatives. The positive ones will encourage you to stay focused, and keep on walking. They, in fact, will show you it by the example of walking themselves strong. 

The negative ones might first question your motives to walk on the path, then ask the reasons for taking such a journey and then will predict the unforeseen future. They themselves are surrounded by the negative energy, and will do their best to pass on that negative energy to you. It will kill themotivation and positive energy that you already have, which is no good to you, especially at times when you are seeking to raise your motivation.

Another setback of being surrounded by the negative peopleis that they are completely disorganized and lost. They are in the haste.  At the gym, for example, they might start with heavy fitness equipment, and then switch to lighter exercises. 

If you have to choose between having a negative company and not having a company, go for not having a company. Having the company of negative people will prove counter-productive to your fitness ambitions and program.

3. Take it every day, even a small step

You better note this down; one small step is also a part of lengthy journeys. It is as important as a big leap. When you set yourself out on the path, the path will appear to you itself. Big or small, you take that one step. It will set your course for the long journey. Don’t think what lies ahead.  While you walk on the path, you are actively taking the journey. When you stop, your travel ends. 

It does not matter if you exercise for five minutes, ten minutes, or half-hour. It is important to stay consistent. Make it happen every day, no matter what fitness equipment you use. The fitness equipment is just to assist you in your travel, although it is wise to start with lighter exercises and as your body becomes used to, grow yourself into heavier equipment. 

4. Believe in yourself

Don’t you ever question your own ability. It is poisonous to your energy and motivation. If you can’t believe in yourself, no one can. The disbelief is food for the negative and speculative thought.When you start thinking negatively it kills you within. Even the toughest exercise and fitness equipment can’t bring your spirit back to light then.

Say it to yourself YES! You can do it. You have already done so much without any help. You can do even better. You are capable of doing it. It is only a matter of time then you will get loads of energy. Talking all this to yourself helps you raise your motivation.

Give yourself a chance, after a chance. If you succeed, it would be wonderful, and if not, what you have got to lose anyway.  It is never too late. You can start exercise anytime in life and stay fit.

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5. Give yourself time

Take out some quality time to spend exclusively by yourself. It can be two hours at least a week. At this time do your favorite activity. For example, cook the food you like the most. Watch the film you like the most. Visit your best friend ora family member, maybe your grandparents, or volunteer yourself for asocial activity. This will help you to reorganize yourself, to think over again and to regain your energy. 

After the consolidation of your thoughts and energy, you will be able to find so much strength and motivation to launch yourself into fresh and a greater start. You owe more to yourself than to others, and ‘you-are-busy’ should not come as an excuse to spare some time for your own sake.

Health tips:

  • If you feel down in energy constantly, get yourself examined by a physician to know the cause. Sometimes the cause of the reduced energy, if it is regular, can be a health condition. For example, people with diabetes tend to lose energy quickly. It might not be just a lack of willpower and motivation, but the loss of actual physical energy.
  • Eat regularly and timely. If you feel hungry reduce the intervals of your food intake. You may consume less food but more often.
  • Increase your water intake. The exercise, and especially lifting of heavy fitness equipment can dehydrate you quickly. You should drink more water and fluids to maintain to stay energetic.
  • Try to find ways to sleep deeply and more. If your sleep is disturbed it can put you off from exercise.
  • Allow yourself more time to relax. Your body, by lifting heavy fitness equipment, gets tired, and will need some time to relax and find its lost strength.
  • Take part in social therapy sessions to release your stress. We are all stressed because of work and other life pressures even if we do not feel it. Any social activity can help reduce stress.

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