Side Effects of Braces on Face

Orthodontic treatment is not only about correct positioning the misaligned teeth but also to improve the relation of jaws and teeth. The upper and lower arch of teeth is connected properly with the braces.

The treatment also has a good impact on the appearance of the face. We all know that healthy and straight teeth are part of a beautiful smile. So the straighten teeth after the treatment will give you a smile that can change the appearance of your face. But in the case of underbite and overbite, the braces will have a bad effect on your face.

The unbalanced jaws and teeth attachment always create a bad effect on facial appearance. But the orthodontists have better solutions to deal with this issue. They know how to remove the misalignment without affecting your appearance.

The dentists play a vital role in making the treatment a success.  Most of the people observe their appearance as themselves after the treatment ends. The reason behind this work is proper planning and precision. So one mist fond the orthodontists with high experience and their high tech approach. Now let’s talk about the side effects of braces on face which can change the appearance of your face.

How braces change Face Appearance?

The face of a person may be symmetrical or unsymmetrical. But to notice the difference is quite rare in many cases. Well, many patients have claimed that their face and nose appearance has changed due to the use of braces.

Although this claim is not completely true. The change in nose position is not possible. The lips and nose have a defined angle between them but the change in jaws and teeth connection affects this angle. In the result, the nose looks little different.

The change in appearance also depends on the age of a patient. If the patient is a kid or teenager then the possible measure can be taken to balance the facial appearance change. It will give the best and healthy smile with the best facial expressions to the patient.

Here are the effects of age on facial appearance during braces treatment on-

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The orthodontic treatment of the children of age group 7-10 has fewer side effects of the braces on face. The children usually suck thumbs at this age and it leads to the up warding the teeth. Then they get the treatment of Braces then the teeth go inward.

The movement of jaws and teeth affects a little to their facial appearance. Orthodontists make a special plan for the treatment. They work on the facial appearance which will make them look good in their lifetime. Orthodontists recommend parents to visit their dentist for regular checkups.


Teenagers are the most common patients of the orthodontic treatments. The teenagers after getting the complete adult teeth face many problems with gappy, crooked or overlapped teeth. The dentist recommends them the experienced orthodontists.

The traditional braces are used for their treatments. Ina result they face many changes in their facial appearance. But the orthodontists take proper care of the appearance to attain the beautiful smile on their patient’s face. The treatment results in straighter teeth and symmetrical face appearance.


The technology has become advanced and orthodontists have many solutions for dental problems. Adults are very conscious about their appearance and orthodontists take proper care of it. They guide the patients about the facial change they will feel during the treatment.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are also there to help the patients in their severe cases. The normal improvements can be achieved even without surgical treatments.

Examples of Change in face Appearance


IT is the condition when the upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth. The upper teeth come more forward than the lower teeth that it creates problem in eating and speaking.

Weak chins and sunken cheeks are common after changes in the jawline. The braces and aligners work perfectly top create a more balanced facial appearance and stronger jawline.


In the case of an underbite, the bottom teeth come forward to the top teeth. The lower jaw sticks out in this case.

The imbalance of the lower and upper jaw can be corrected with the braces. But the change in jawline can affect your face appearance. So contact an experienced Orthodontist to perform this treatment.

Open bite-

The lower and upper teeth do not come together at all. When closing the lips, you have to stretch them to fit.

IT makes the face look long shaped and after the treatment the face appearance change is obvious. The suitable change is done with the help of good treatment and braces.

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The braces and other orthodontic treatments make an impact on face and jawline. Most of the people who visit experienced orthodontists are happy with their results. The appearance change is not a big deal if it enhanced your looks.

The symmetrical face line always makes a person look good. The orthodontist takes proper care of the effects on appearance. The change in appearance depends on the condition of the problem. Also, the age of the person plays an important factor in this direction.

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