Tips To Take Care Of Infants During Rainy Season

The arrival of monsoon provides us with relief from the sweltering heat. But, this season also brings lots of health issues for your kid. Therefore, with the start of the Rainy season, parents starting putting their best efforts to protect their newborn from any infection or flu. 

Due to the sudden fall of mercury level in barometer and rise in humidity level, newborn babies start to get infected by bacterial allergies, fungal infection, and rashes. Newborn babies are highly susceptible to get attacked by viruses and bacterias.

To protect your kids, implement the following tips, and keep your newborn babies happy and healthy.

1. Examine Your House Before Monsoon

Inspect your home correctly before the arrival of the Rainy Season. Properly check all your doors and windows. If there is any leakage, then immediately call the carpenter to fix it. Also, check for the places where dampness may occur.

If it is so, find the reason for the damp area and rectify the problem as soon as possible. Get ready for the arrival of the rainy season.  Also, properly examine the corners of every room and make sure that they are clean and bright.

If you find any sign of fungus, then remove it immediately. Usually fungus breed in a damp area. Thus, you should maintain the humidity level of your home. You should invest in dehumidifiers and latest technology AC units like air conditioning Sydney. Just installation is not enough! Proper maintenance is important to reap optimum results.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Items For Your Toddlers

You should preferably use eco-friendly items for your kids. Avoid using hard water and plastic-based wipes for your newborns as they may harm their skin. On the other hand, eco-friendly wipes are made up of entirely organic substances.

Moreover, these wipes tested by a dermatologist! Organic wipes are biodegradable, offer high strength, and these are extra soft for the delicate skin of your baby.

3. Maintain Cleanliness In Surroundings

Mop your baby’s room regularly! Use an only organic disinfectant cleaning solution that helps you to get rid of disease spreading microbes, insects, and pests. Make sure everything is clean, clutter-free and dry as well.

It is imperative to take care of your kitchen space because is a highly functional area that easily gets dirty. You should keep garbage bin covered always and food scrap properly disposed of.

Examine the areas where there is a high probability of stagnant water around the house. In case you find any of these then immediately get rid of stagnant water because it can become a breeding place for harmful microbes and pests.

Cut the branches and extra bushes to maintain your garden in good shape. Also, ensure that drains are clean and clear. If you find and clogging then immediately remove it before the arrival of monsoon.

4. Examine Your Baby For Allergies

Keep your room free from allergens and pollens. Infants are usually allergic to these substances. Therefore, it is best to keep the air of your house clean and free from pollutants. You should install the latest technology AC system at your house such as ducted air conditioning Sydney and maintain it in proper condition.

AC units will keep your house dust and allergens free. In case you find that your kid is experiencing any rashes, redness on the skin, or any other symptoms that are not usual then immediately consult the best doctor in your area.

5. Change Diapers Frequently

You should change the diaper of your baby frequently to protect your kid from rashes and skin redness. Also, make sure that your baby dresses only in warm and dry clothes. Otherwise, your kid may easily catch cold and fever.

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6. Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your House

Please ensure that windows and doors are properly closed to keep mosquitoes away from your home. Your doors and windows act as a barrier and stop the entry of unwanted insects and pests. Closed doors, especially during dusk and dawn will prevent the entry of mosquitoes.

You can also use some natural and organic insect repellents such as bed nets and mesh doors. Mosquitoes can spread deadly diseases like malaria and dengue. Dress your kids properly so that insects and pests do not have direct contact with your kid’s skin.

Final words

Parents who want to take care of their newborn babies and want to protect them from any type of disease or discomfort then maintaining cleanliness in the home can help. During monsoon, our home gets frequently dirty, therefore, it is imperative to carry out the cleaning task regularly.

Also, make sure that your baby is enjoying the monsoon happily! Put your best efforts and take some small precautionary measures before the arrival of monsoon. With the help of the right planning and optimum implementation, you can keep your newborn healthy and fine.

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